Housing market sees a real turn around

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Las Mimosas de Puerto Banus - Altavista Property

The Spanish real estate sector begins to show signs of stabilization. After more than five years of sharp declines in sales and prices and the collapse in mortgage lending, the market begins to catch its breath.

According to the latest data from the General Council of Notaries, during April more homes  were sold, prices rose slightly and mortgage lending grew.

Specifically, housing sales experienced an increase of 11.1%. “The rebound in recent months would be explained, in part, by normalising the number of operations after completion of the deduction for home purchase at the end of 2012, but also reflects some stabilization of monthly sales” point notaries.

House prices are rising, housing loans are expanding and stimulating that price growth. In terms of prices, the average price per square meter for homes purchased in April was 1,216 euros, reflecting a slight increase of 0.7%.

Thus, last April, again a recovery was recorded in terms of annual housing purchases and prices that could be anticipating a turnaround in the sector.

In light of the growth of transactions the mortgage market is recovering. Mortgage loans for the purchase of a property in April rose 21.5%.

Blue Spring

June 4, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, AltaVista Property Marbella, AltaVista Property News, www.altavistaproperty.com by Michael Liggan

altavista property blue sprin

Spring offers a great opportunity to update the look of your home. With just a few simple changes you can bring new life to the family spaces.

This season’s interior design trends are all about creating an impact, since the looks are at once bolder and more accessible than ever. Decorative eclecticism imprint personal environments with the most current styles even in blue, white and bronzed obtaining sailor or hippy chic styles for summer residences.

Replace the grey and beige to deep saturated tones such as navy and plum. In fact, Navy is THE trend this year. Different shades of blue rolling back into each other in the same room senses light.

The most intense shades of blue palette convey fresh and sedatives that induce feelings to rest; an upward trend, ideal to dress the house in the warmer months.

Navy kicks authority without seeming desperate; it is easy and pleasing to the eye. You can use it in accessories, furniture, sofas, cushions, cabinets, walls anything you can imagine.

It said that soft blues stimulate relaxation. It is therefore a favourite in the bedroom where combined with white, plus power and clarity extols natural light. To sift coming through the window, nothing like a white curtain pattern.

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Great progress on the new Boulevard in San Pedro

May 22, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, Altavista property, www.altavistaproperty.com by Michael Liggan

Great progress is taking place on the new San Pedro Boulevard. The project is expected to  be finished by the end of summer, months ahead of schedule!

Take a look at the promotional video, what do you think?


What is attracting the investors?

May 14, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, Alta Vista Spain, Altavista property, AltaVista Property Costa del Sol, AltaVista Property Marbella, altavistaproperty.com, www.altavistaproperty.com by Michael Liggan

altavista property mijas-costa

There are several reasons that are attracting British investors to Spain. Good interest rates and favorable price of the properties along with a strong pound.

Regarding prices, worth noticing that while it is true that in some areas prices have declined significantly, in the most sought after areas of the Costa del Sol and Marbella these have started to rise. Those who have been watching the market know that it won’t be long before any bargains disappear.

This is the place, this is the time. The circumstances mentioned earlier – low interest rates, a strong pound and good prices in selected areas – along with economic improvement in Spain make this the right time to finally take advantage of the favorable conditions the market presents after waiting for years.

All this has strengthened the confidence of investors and is leading to a growing number of buyers returning to the market in search of opportunities. However, professional advice is crucial. Scrimping on legal and market advice can be very expensive sooner than later.

At Altavista Property we offer more than just a property agent; we take the pulse of the property market on the Costa del Sol and make sure you have all the information and advice you need.

Contact us today and find out all what we can do for you.

Healthy reasons to choose Spain

May 2, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, Alta Vista Spain, AltaVista Property Costa del Sol by Michael Liggan


We have recently heard about the efforts to boost economy by including health amongst the attractions for which the Costa del Sol is known.

Now we learn that Spain is among the fifth best in the world according to Bloomberg. The study measured efficiency, life expectancy and cost.

On top of the list is Hong Kong, followed by Singapore. Other countries like UK ranked 14th or US came 46th.

So if you are wondering if Spain is the right destination or not, well, this is one more reason to consider. Find some more good reasons and tips on our blog.

marbella old town

Discovering Mijas, a hidden treasure in the Nature

April 14, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, AltaVista Property Costa del Sol by Michael Liggan


Throughout the town of Mijas, there are dozens of wonderful rural areas waiting for those who love hiking or enjoy a good ride.

If you are passionate about rural tourism, outdoor activities or excursions to the countryside, get ready to discover natural areas rich in flora and wildlife, as well as to see some historical curiosities and traditions.

In addition to discovering the charms of the local vegetation and the different species in the area around this internationally famous ‘white village’ on the western Costa del Sol, opportunities for leisure do not stop there. The Department of Tourism organizes excursions for some of the main quarries in the area. The stone extracted was used in buildings such as the Cathedral of Malaga.

Mountain and history lovers can follow the path which General Jose Maria de Torrijos took during the military uprising in 1831.

Those who prefer to know the customs of the past could choose the route of ‘Las Caleras de Mijas‘. This is a way to discover more about the art of preparing limestone, which was a very traditional profession in this area due to the abundance of limestone in the mountains and the fact that the village houses are ‘whitened’ or painted in white using this stone.

For more information regarding routes and excursions: http://www.mijas.es/portal/es/red-de-senderos/red-de-senderos-autoguiados


April 4, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, Altavista Spain, Costa del Sol news, Marbella, Marbella Info by Michael Liggan

corredor_mediterraneoSpain’s Ministry of Public Works has ordered a study to investigate the possibility of running a coastal train from Malaga to Marbella.

At present, a viability study is the first step towards a potential coastline train. The first stage will be to determine the number of customers who would use the potential service along the Costa del Sol. The study is to be carried out by engineering consultant Ineco, who will look into possible routes, financial feasibility and how to fund the project if it is carried out.

As it stands, Marbella is currently the only city with more than 100,000 inhabitants that does not have a train station. Plans for a train line along the coast and a train station in the area have reportedly ‘been in the pipeline’ for years. Currently the train line only runs as far as Fuengirola, however the study will determine whether the line needs to be extended as far as Marbella or even further to Estepona. The study is the first stage for a possible coastal train line, however it has not been confirmed as a definite project and the Ministry of Public Works will await Ineco’s findings.

Marbella is a tourist favourite and sees particular interest from those looking for a luxury lifestyle and high-end properties. With excellent facilities available and of interest for those wishing to play golf, Marbella welcomes a high number of tourists every year and is one of the leading areas for tourism in Spain. Puerto Banús is one of the most visited areas in Marbella, particularly for its marina, and a coastal train could send visitor figures even higher.

Enjoy Estepona’s Streets 2014

April 3, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, Alta Vista Spain, Costa del Sol news, Estepona Real Estate, www.altavistaproperty.com by Michael Liggan

Estepona hosts the event “Live your Estepona Streets,” which will bring together the most colourful and vibrant activities in the historical district. From Friday 4th to Sunday 6th April come down to Estepona and ‘Live your streets’.



The program includes events such as National Mountain Racing Championship, Tattoo Convention, a ‘Tapas Route’ in old town as well as parades, competitions and tournaments, flamenco and rock concerts or dance and performance shows.

Check the whole program here:  http://estepona.es/actualidad/web/amp_noticia.asp?s=1&id=10544


A frontline Golf development in Marbella

March 31, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, AltaVista Property Costa del Sol, Costa del Sol news, www.altavistaproperty.com by Michael Liggan

Los Lagos golf

Elviria offers the climate, the landscape and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Los Lagos de Santa Maria is a unique residential complex, surrounded by nature and with fantastic views of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and Africa in the distance.

Just a 25-minute drive from Malaga international airport and 10 minutes from Marbella’s old town. Los Lagos is surrounded by beaches, golf courses, international restaurants , boutiques and shopping centres, and a wide range of activities of all kinds. The development is within easy walking distance to the Golf Club House.

The residential complex is very well looked after with large gardens and luxury finishing.

This is one of the best opportunities on the market in Marbella today, so contact us now to find out more.

Los Lagos

Another reason to get your ‘Residencia’!

March 18, 2014 in Alta Vista Property Spain, Costa del Sol news, Destination Spain, Estepona Real Estate by Michael Liggan


Estepona Town Hall has got an agreement with Selwo Aventura Nature Park for distribution of entrance tickets amongst local residents registered on Estepona. If you wonder what are the steps to getting your ‘residencia’ in Spain, please, check this post.

Selwo Aventura is a wildlife park covering over 50,000 m2 in area, it is made up of five main sections: Gateway to Nature, Bird Canyon, Central Village, Lakes Reserve and The Valleys.

Just a few minutes drive away from one of the Costa del Sol’s favourite attractions you will find the luxury New Golden Mile Golf Apartments surrounding La Resina Golf.

Find out more about La Resina Golf apartments here and contact Altavista Property Spain for information on our 100%+ financing.

La Resina - selwo

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